Global Community Projects

Global and/or Cause Driven Community Projects/Events for the Greater Good

I invite and welcome to consult and assist on projects with a mission that makes a difference ……

With a cause involving leadership/education for youth, different cultures, animals, saving our oceans/habitats, empowering through exchange of knowledge, entrepreneurs, cultures and common mission to work in Collaboration!….

I work as a consultant in various ways:

  • Mediator: to help the team for a project or event to create ” win win ” avenues with positive relations to get the project/event accomplished with all goals met for all parties: CEO, boards members, other team project members etc. Often, its of benefit to bring in an outside mediator/consultant to strategize all elements at each level for the micro and macro goals and intentions to work with the team.   I assist in keeping the working relationships strong in assisting and help to lead a great collaboration.
  • Promoter: I have hosted and promoted many causes, charity events, services and products that serve the greater good again keeping at the helm the intentions that best serve the company/foundation or organization.
  • Bringing together global media, experts and innovative thinking.

Contact me if you have a need or see a fit for your project and cause.