Dream Walk Program

Dream Walk Program

Back in 1999, as part of my journey, soon after receiving a degree in Social Work, I decided to coach teens in the inner city and other public schools to motivate leadership through skill building through success lessons, teamwork and community connection. I founded a non profit organization based in this copywritten leadership program I created called Dreamwalk and ran it for over 5 years. There is still a great need for programs for leadership enrichment programming.

In fact I went on and began to start offering Dreamwalk as one of my services in my private practice, teaching other facilitators as well and sold it to several foundations for youth in affluent areas that were in great need of positive motivational leadership skill building.

I plan now for its expansion in partnership as one of the many ways to facilitate leadership and enrichment programming to assist in our future thinkers and leaders.

As my background with Dreamwalk, the mission at the time is stated below:

“DreamWalk is a nonprofit organization that provides a motivational program devoted to youth from socially and economically challenging environments. The program supports the development of a positive personal identity and empowers participants to envision the possibilities of a successful future. Our youth learn as they become leaders of their own lives, they have the ability to make a difference in the world.”

I ran this program for over 5 years with my Board President; George Hoey, Board President, past Assistant Athletic director at University of Colorado/Boulder and other community friends and members..

Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies was our main sponsor along with Paul Newman/Newman’s Own, Sam’s Club, Zell Family Foundation, Denver Nuggets Foundation, National Baseball Association, House of Blues foundation, to name a few.

This was one of my dreams fulfilled  and now plan to expand my wings more globally and selling  the DreamWalk leadership facilitation manual for use in all schools, youth groups in community as well as a format for adults in communities and/or corporations and organizations.

Learn more about Dreamwalk when it was a non profit… by watching the following video:


Please contact me if you are a facilitator, teacher, motivator, parent, team leader, church leader, professional, etc…. if you have any interest in purchasing the DREAMWALK PROGRAM

There is both a youth and adult facilitator’s manual to run motivational success groups.

copyright 1999 Lisa S Cohen

Dreamwalk  Youth Leadership Program Testimonials

I can proudly say today that as a Latina woman, that doing the DreamWalk program many years back in high school, totally changed my course of life. It gave me the confidence coming from no vision and poverty….to currently getting my Masters degree as a teacher of challenged kids, own my apartment and car. Lisa kept me involved in her work teaching me to lead for many years.
Seve Lucero, past DreamWalk participant


“Lisa, I wanted to contact you after all these years as one of my guides and the success tools I learned in the Dreamwalk program to share what I have accomplished.  I’m getting ready to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I am also in school online for a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in math, as well as a Bachelor’s for Organizational Management and Leadership. I plan to educate adults and youth in green energy application, provide housing for low-income individuals and families, as well as provide a wealth of jobs for the urban and disenfranchised community. I want to start a math and science intensive institute for minority students being that we seem to shy away from those fields statistically. Science and technology are the future as we continue to pave way into the “star trek” age.”

Terian Turner, past DreamWalk male high school participant