Coaching 1 on 1

Coaching 1 on 1

Coach your DreamWalk.…..sets in motion a whole set of new possibilities and opportunities!

Personal one on one coaching is tailored specifically to you, at that point in time, for what you want….to shift, change, improve, gain understanding and insight on any issue in your personal or professional life.

Ultimately and quickly it is also to awaken your own inner strength so that you can find a new way to navigate your life. In the process, you discover how to meet challenges you have in work, health, and relationships more easily and successfully.

I will help you find the best road and set of tools to getting the results you want for your own unique path to success. So many of us have had changes, transitions, losses, etc but truly it is all an opportunity..and quite liberating!

Job issues, divorce, move, parenting, lost a loved one, relationship issues, or feeling lost about how to feel good about your life again, or even unexplained physical or emotional issues creating fear, anxiety, depression and the list goes on…having this coaching is the key. Its all the human condition and navigating through this often benefits greatly having a coach. Its like making muscles stronger and wiser and this type of coaching is run by you. You are the leader of your own life.
With me as your guide, you will discover how to release from old patterns that no longer help you to achieve your goals. Together, if needed, you can rid yourself of outworn fears and repeated setbacks. We are not meant to go it alone or figure it all out on your own as you are the one in it and often just needing perspective and a compass! You are then on your way………..

I have degrees in BA in psychology, MA in Management and a Masters in Social Work with over 20 years of experience.  In addition, she has experience in mind/body medicine and with Deepak Chopra with whom she has worked personally.

Confidentiality is with all clients, current clients are male and female professionals of all professions from health care to athletes as well as stay at home moms, couples, and young people, etc.

Free 15 to 20-minute consultation

Location is determined by you and me ( ie at your home if you are local in Carlsbad, CA or anywhere near there on a walk, the beach, or many clients are not local so we do sessions by phone or Skype ).


Packages are available for discounted price

A portion of your payment will be donated to a youth organization!